Jhazeauto Nissan Frontier Tailgate Letter Kit

Jhazeauto Nissan Frontier Tailgate Letter Kit

At Jhazeauto, we believe that design matters…in fact, it is the key component in making aftermarket Tailgate Letters feel truly custom.

While the rest of the competition focuses more on cutting costs with simple design and inferior materials, we build our Tailgate Letters as if we were putting each and every one of them on our own vehicles.  It goes without saying that making an inlay to enhance and improve upon the existing design language of the truck takes a great deal of forethought, style, engineering, and attention to detail.

Take for example the Jhazeauto Nissan Frontier Tailgate Letter Kit pictured above – we have designed this part with precision such that the registration of the thin white border is as crisp as a factory part.  We do not cut corners and our parts are built to last incorporating proven, automotive-grade exterior plastics and genuine, certified 3M adhesives.

Jhazeauto is a group of auto-enthusiasts with the know-how to build an extremely high quality part at a value unmatched by the competitors.  We welcome you to peruse the website and let us know which part is your favorite!

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