Lettering as packaged is off alignment

Silverado LT
See above pictures as to how to tape off and mark lettering prior to removal. Removal is as easy as a hair dryer and a small plastic putty knife or in my case a work ID. You’ll have to install each letter individually since as they are packaged the spacing isn’t appropriate. It is imperative that once you’ve removed the old lettering you remove all tape that remains from the old lettering and then properly clean the area before installing the new lettering. This can be done with a 3m adhesive removal wheel (careful not to operate to quickly) or you can simply roll it off with your thumb and use an adhesive remover (goo gone or turtle wax adhesive remover work best in my experience) to remove excess goop. Obviously as you can see it isn’t necessary to wash the entire truck prior to install but as with any adhesive remover being used I’d highly recommend washing it all afterward.

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